Continuous Automation

What is Continuous Integration? 

Continuous integration is an approach in which developers merge their code into a shared repository several times a day. For verification of the integrated code, automated tests and builds are run for it.

What is Continuous Delivery?

Continuous delivery is a strategy in which the development teams ensure the software is reliable to release at any time. On each commit, the software passes through the automated testing process. If it successfully passes the testing, it is then it is said to be ready for release into the production.

Services we provide


Continuous Delivery Assessment

Build a common understanding and get a plan to improve

5 days workshop – We dive into specific areas (build, test, version control, DevOps, architecture and design, organization and culture.)

Create a report, Make a roadmap for your journey to Continuous Delivery


Continuous Delivery Implementation

Setup a CI / CD enviroment

Choosing the best tool set for your organization and adaptation of your professional

Implement a complete Continues Integration and Continues Delivery workflow for a business service.


Continuous Test Automation

Implement advanced test step to the CI / CD pipelines

Assessment for your current test enviroment and tool set, Define automated test scope with your Test and QA teams.

Making automated testing part of your CI / CD pipeline.


Continous Provisioning

A major step to Infrastructere as Code

Assesment for your current middleware & Infrastructure tool set and focus on autmation points.

Making automated provisioning a part of your CI / CD pipeline.