Why Microservice ?

In today’s software environment, where majority tasks are running on the cloud and in a DevOps culture, application delivery needs a special attention to keep the business running.

In the process of streamlining infrastructure, Cloud and Virtualization are a means of enhancing server efficiencies and maximizing server resources.

Further, in line with the application-centric business transformation, running apps at a faster rate, smoothly and secured, has emerged to become a key point of focus. Eventually, firms began their migration journey to better perform with higher efficiency and competitive operating costs.

That’s where the containerization technology made the difference! Some call it ‘a replacement to virtualization’ while others say it’s ‘an advancement to the concept of ‘Virtual Machines (VM)’.

Containerization arrived as a sophisticated approach for the effective utilization of server efficiencies with minimum additional resources.


Services we provide


MicroService Adaption

Create your own micro service and deploy it

Get a good understanding of Micro Service across your technical teams.

Create a microservices adoption roadmap and help you define your microservice architecture



Kubernetes as a Service

Assess the readiness and maturity of your business processes for running reliable, scalable, and secure Kubernetes clusters in a proper way.

Delivers full-scale Kubernetes solutions, enabling you with resilient and highly available deployments.


MicroService on Cloud

Use benefit of Cloud for MicroServices

– Provide expert advice and enterprise-grade Kubernetes support for multi-cloud environments

– Tranning about Kubernetes Service Management on Cloud base on your cloud provider ( Amazon, Azure, Google )