Software Solutions

Special Software is the whole of the programs that the company wants to create in line with its own needs and needs, apart from the existing standards. Since each business has different ways of doing business and different cultures, standard software prepared based on the common features of businesses cannot go beyond offering superficial solutions in solving problems. For this reason, international and local businesses in the world increase their profitability by using the advantages of special software and differentiating from their competitors.

In this period when special software solutions are becoming widespread in the business world, as the Erametric family, we produce special software solutions that provide full efficiency and usability for institutions. Thanks to our expert team, we increase your in-house productivity while reducing your labor costs. Thanks to the small, medium or large-scale special software we produce, we make your work easier and move you further.

Services we provide


Special Software and Solution

– Analyze in-house systems, determine your needs and develop custom solutions.

– Monitor, maintain and improve required solutions.


Payment Systems Automation

– Secure integrations with banks or payment systems are provided.

Web Based Application

– Develop required web applications with innovative and modern interfaces.

– Integrate the application to existing systems.


Web Analytics Services

– Check your website traffic and Analyze movement and behavior of your users in web site.

E-Commerce Solutions

– Create customized solutions to sell your products or services on digital

Software Process Management

– Manage some or all of the process(DevOps, quality control, development, analysis).

– Create visible and measurable processes that operates as Agile.


Software Integration Services

– Integrate the applications required in-house and for business growth.

– Reduce operational costs and be both financally and time efficient with integration.



– Find technologies that suit your needs and determine the necessary infrastructure.

Prototype Improvment

– Develop custom prototypes according to your needs or ideas.

– Reduce costs and save time.

– Test planned processes with prototypes and determine requirements faster.